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Slide When in the business of saving lives, failure is never an option. Biztip Digital Marketing Services, LLC works around the clock with one goal in mind RANK #1 #2 and #3 in search engines so patients only have the absolute best medication-assisted treatment program to choose from.

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Next Gen Digital marketing - proven model - no upfront costs - turn key operation


We review our partners business plan. We identify the core services and passion driving current success. We begin preparing a detailed report of the company's strengths and discuss any potential weak points. Next we meet with key personnel, observe for a week then prepare any training materials or modules. If you want to grow a business, help people grow. 


Upon taking the necessary time to consider the industry, market, competition and any foreseen challenges ahead, we begin to develop local, regional and or national campaigns.

By always having our end game in focus, we nail down our day to day systems, optimize our policies and aggressively pursue new opportunities for growth. 


We work within the entire company, optimizing each department which gives us a big picture view and a very distinct advantage over others who just manage one campaign or department as they may not fully understand the language or the industry and because they are compartmentalized this tends to result in the loss of ad spend and or market share. 

Monitor and Report

We remove all the mental and financial limitations people place on themselves, take the bull by the horns and empower partners to do what they love to do as we handle everything else A-Z. This is why we are successful 100% of the time!

We remove the limitations

Work Together to Create an Unique Experience

Most clinics or doctors have great intentions but generally no idea how much time and resources must go into building a well-optimized website, performing SEO services, harnessing social media, creating content or overseeing call center operations.

Biztip, after a decade of working with startup companies on shoestring budgets or frugal medical professionals who don’t just don’t understand the value of marketing, we developed  the PAY OUT OF PROFIT, NOT OUT OF POCKET model that NO OTHER SEO COMPANY would offer because no other SEO company owns multiple clinics  nor has any experience running  multimillion dollar inpatient rehabilitation programs as we do. This model was created because we tried to get others to do it for us and despite the legitimate return on investment, we were turned down over and over again. They don’t want to take the risk & of course

we didn’t have the $2500-$5000 a month to compete online with rehab centers that have deep deep pockets   

So instead, we formulated a strategic WIN WIN “No Brainer” business model that works for everyone we choose to work with. 

The Biztip Difference – Pay out of Profit NOT out of Pocket. Biztip covers 100% of the marketing budget and then earns 10% percent of the gross revenue produced by our investment. Our partners never pay us a dime out of their pocket. However, since we invest 10’s of 1000’s of dollars in our partner’s companies, we are very selective as to who we partner with. We only partner with good-hearted, open-minded medical professionals or entrepreneurs who are in it to win it and with our support together we can achieve greatness.

Why Biztip? We are the only digital marketing company that has developed a network of successful websites and brick and mortar clinics in a variety of markets and rather than just take our clients money, we teach our partners what we know which empowers our partners to eventually create a network of their own.

Why would Biztip work for free upfront? Well, simple, we can’t be everywhere or everything to everyone all the time.

We want to help 10’s of 1000’s through our unique IOP / MAT and plant medicine / alternative medicine / holistic treatment models. It is through our partners within the addiction treatment industry, that Biztip Digital Marketing Services, LLC can do well by doing good! 

Over a Decade of Digital Marketing Experience

Why Partner With Biztip?

Did you know that 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% of small business fail in their second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business. (our partner have all passed the 2 year mark successfully)

It is very difficult to make one right business decision after another without losing time and money somewhere along the line. (we have paid the cost to help you avoid the mistakes)

The Biztip Difference – we have a proven model that is fully operational and dominating the most competitive markets. (Bowie to Baltimore, not matter the size of the market, we rank #1)


“We offer a unique business model that is proven in multiple states with multiple partners. We have found that by removing our partners mental and financial limitations we save both time and money avoiding majority of common mistakes made by new owners. With Biztip, our partners can do what they do best knowing Biztip is behind the 100%. We consult and work with revenue cycle management companies, licensing and credentialing companies and lab services. 

Bottom line

I hand you a 100 bill. You give me 10 back in appreciation. We do lionshare of the work and it just cost you nothing to make a 90 dollar profit…that is the Biztip Difference

Like I said, NO BRAINER! 

The Biztip Difference

Success comes from one small advantage at a time

A good majority of digital marketing companies require a fairly large initial set-up fee where they do “extensive keyword research” which is actually a huge waste of your time and money as they all use the same software generating the same keywords. The Biztip Difference – we hit the streets. We ask 100 random people “If you were looking for a place to get help, what would you type in?”  Those are your first 100 keyword phases!

Many companies lower your expectations by saying  it will take about 6 months before you will see any real results. The Biztip Difference – we work 10 times harder and get months of work done in a fraction of the time it takes our competition.

On average companies spend 8-12% gross on marketing. Once we sign on a new partner, it is GO TIME. We work around the clock 24/7/365 to make sure our partners are a huge success

The Biztip Difference – we don’t get paid until you do. There is no other marketing company that is going to work harder than Biztip for the simple fact that everyone else wants to spend more time ensuring on your project so you spend more money. BIZTIP EARNS EVERY PENNY.. 

In addition to covering marketing costs, we have a seasoned team of veteran admissions coordinators as well as revenue cycle management specialists, licensing and credentialing professionals and trusted lab associates. 

The Biztip Difference – a team that is 100% invested: – no no-shows, no smoke breaks every hour on the hour, no payroll or unemployment, no coming in late and going home early. We create wealth and we eliminate waste.

Experience The Biztip Difference!

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