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Common Questions about Online Suboxone Treatment or Telehealth

Online telemedicine is nothing new because many doctors and hospitals use it as a regular part of patient care. It’s only recent that many drug treatment clinics have started offering online addiction treatment using suboxone for opioid use disorder. If you’ve never heard about medication-assisted treatment (MAT) before, read on to become educated about the treatment options available for people with opiate addiction.

How Will You Communicate with Your Online Suboxone Doctor?

After the initial patient assessment has been done and a person is admitted into our telemedicine services, a patient will see their suboxone doctor online. A person can use a home computer, tablet or smart phone to reach out to their provider through video chat. A patient and provider will be able to see and hear each other for a consultation and a provider will then call a prescription into a local pharmacy. To utilize telemedicine services, a person needs an internet connection, smart phone or computer and a quiet place to chat.

What are the Requirements for Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

While patients are taking suboxone, a pill that mimics the effects of an opiate, they will experience reduced withdrawal symptoms and have a less likely chance of relapse. To qualify for MAT services a person must be over the age of 18, must not be pregnant and must submit to a physical to receive a diagnosis of drug addiction. Nobody who seeks our MAT services has to worry about how to pay for it because we accept private medical insurance, self-pay patients and state Medicaid.

Contact Our MAT Program Today:

If you have an opiate addiction problem and can’t physically visit our clinic in person, you can apply for admission to our telemedicine program. You should never let cost, distance or any other obstacle prevent you from getting help for an opiate addiction because it is a life or death situation. Please contact our MAT program today to find out further information about our online telemedicine treatment, because it may be the resource you need to finally become clean from your opiate addiction.

Admissions and Screening Process for Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Beginning medication-assisted treatment or MAT can be an overwhelming process for someone who has no idea what to expect. BIZTIP LLC, is going to educate you about the admissions and screening process involved with medication-assisted treatment so you may enter into one of our programs with confidence and assurance. Our clinics offer around the clock 24/7 access to our treatment program, we accept walk-ins, we offer telemedicine services online and we have no waiting list.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for MAT?

At the programs offered through our suboxone clinics, there are certain requirements in place to determine if a person is eligible for treatment. A person must be 18 years of age, have a photo ID, agree to adhere to the program’s policies and procedures and be screened for opiate dependence before beginning MAT. Other restrictions may apply, but this will be discussed with a potential patient after discussing a person’s addiction and health history at length.

What Happens During an Intake and Assessment?

When someone visits one of our clinics, the admissions process can take about 2-3 hours and a person must be in withdrawal before initiating MAT. During the initial visit, a person will visit with a counselor (if needed), a doctor will do a physical assessment and medical history and then the person will be given the initial dose of medication. BIZTIP LLC oversees many suboxone clinics in Maryland and Kentucky, so it doesn’t matter where you live because we likely have a facility close to you.

Contact BIZTIP LLC Today and Be Put in Contact with a MAT Program:

Once a person receives a full assessment, he or she will be formally admitted to one of our suboxone clinics. We will develop a personalized plan and an initial medication dosage will be determined. Our clinics offers telehealth services to make sure we can help patients at any time of the day or night. At our clinics we accept state Medicaid, any medical insurance, we offer pricing online and we will work with people from any income level, because saving lives is more important than money to us.