We are Biztip, LLC we are full-service Internet marketing and SEO company.

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Employees Build Companies. Partners Build Empires

Biztip covers the marketing expenses to avoid any mental and financial limitations and ensure the company is always successful.

When business owners have no idea how important marketing is to a company, they don’t know how to set marketing budget that will guarantee its success.  

We cover 100% of the marketing costs on the frontend and earn 10% equity/profit sharing on the backend. 

The majority of business owners just starting out can not afford a six figure digital marketer or cover a $5000-$10,000 monthly marketing budget. 

We have an in-house call center set up and handle the admissions until we have had time to carefully vet admission coordinators.

We find out that some owners will spend six figures on marketing and then hire inexperienced admission coordinators for $10-$12 an hour in an attempt to reduce costs. 

“Teach a partner how to fish- he becomes more valuable”

We are the marketing company that records every link created, article posted and website developed then turns around and teaches our partners new skills. 

“People who fail first believed they could” 

Our founder and CEO has been developing and successfully selling companies for over a decade. He has never failed and his track record speaks for itself. 

“If we are going to build an empire, you are expected to be a kind and generous king or queen”

We are very selective as to who we will work with. Our partners must meet certain criteria and be willing to help as many people as possible.