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Same Day Suboxone Treatment in Baltimore

If you live in the Baltimore area and are wondering if you can receive same day suboxone treatment and in short, the answer is yes. Suboxone treatment works for people who are addicted to opiates, but it does require time, effort and dedication to happen. Opiate dependence is a serious issue and the most effective method of becoming clean is for someone to seek treatment as soon as possible, which is why our program can offer same-day services.

Does Suboxone Treatment End Addiction?

Suboxone is the brand name for buprenorphine, which is used in medication-assisted drug treatment for opiate dependence. The medication combines buprenorphine and naloxone in a once per day tablet. Buprenorphine helps wean people off from heroin, while naloxone prevents an overdose by blocking opiate receptors. The combination of these two drugs working together is instrumental in helping many people begin the process of addiction recovery.

suboxone treatment in baltimore marylandHow Does Same Day Suboxone Treatment Work?

With same day suboxone treatment, a person will go through an intake process and a doctor will ask them questions. A person will probably be asked to take a drug test, it’s important for them to be abstinent because they can’t take other drugs while coming down from heroin or other opiates. The next thing that happens is a person will start to go through withdrawal for about 12-24 hours.

During withdrawal, a doctor will monitor a patient and assist them by prescribing the correct dosage of suboxone to help them get through the discomfort safely. As a person’s body stabilizes, the doctor will adjust the dose and determine the best course of action moving forward. The goal of using medication-assisted treatment is to provide suboxone, to enable a person to begin the recovery process.

Does Taking Suboxone Prevent Relapse?

A person will have a lot of work to do when electing to use same day suboxone treatment. Trust must be rebuilt with those the person has hurt with their addiction, but with time it’s possible for someone to understand the reasons they turned to drugs and to avoid relapse. If you or someone you love is desperately struggling with an opiate addiction issue and you wish to find out more information about our recovery services, please don’t wait, call us today.