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Certified Suboxone Doctor in Baltimore Offers Effective Treatment

One method of treating opiate addiction is through using the services of a licensed suboxone doctor in Baltimore. Congress passed a law allowing certain specially-trained physicians who are licensed to prescribe suboxone to treat up to 300 patients simultaneously. We provide this service to people who are addicted to heroin, morphine and other opiate-based painkillers.

What does our suboxone doctor in Baltimore offer?

Not only does our detox program offer medication-assisted opiate addiction treatment, we provide other services as well. We offer same-day appointments, we are 100% patient focused, always, and we provide safe, effective treatment that’s designed to work. We proudly offer suboxone treatment because we believe it is the best option for treating opiate addiction and it gives a person the greatest possible foundation for healing.

Our suboxone treatment process:

New patients are scheduled for an appointment as soon as possible and should be in the beginning stages of withdrawal. The first appointment is about an hour long and a patient is given the chance to meet our suboxone doctor in Baltimore, ask any questions and learn the guidelines of our program. Extensive research studies have determined suboxone is a safe and effective way of treating opiate addiction, but only when it is administered in a medication-assisted treatment program.

Is treatment suboxone treatment effective?

Those who are suffering from an opiate addiction and in need of help are welcome to come visit our program and learn about who we are. It’s important to be comfortable in your choice of a suboxone doctor in Baltimore, because you must be confident and assured to have the best possible chance at recovering.

If you or someone you love is addicted to opiates and wishes to change the course of your life, please contact our Suboxone treatment center in Baltimore today for further assistance.