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The Opiate crisis devastating the United States must be stopped

Like any epidemic, the opiate crisis devastating the United States needs to be stopped. Although addiction isn’t contagious, the problem is spreading like a virus and it’s taking countless numbers of lives through overdose deaths. One person’s addiction affects the family and friends that love them, so our suboxone clinic in Cumberland is working hard to make positive strides by helping addicts get clean.

How Many People are Struggling with Opiate Addiction?

Right now, today, there are millions of people caught up in opiate addiction. Opiate abuse affects about 2.5 million people all over the country, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse. Overdose related deaths due to heroin and prescription opiates have increased by four times since 1999. Our suboxone clinic in Cumberland is aware of these heartbreaking statistics and we vow to work diligently to help addicts who come to us for treatment.

How Our Suboxone Clinic in Cumberland Saves Lives:

At our suboxone clinic, we understand how difficult it is for someone to stop using opiates, we get the fear people have about going through withdrawal with no relief and we know about intense drug cravings. Our program works to save lives through our outreach efforts and making our program affordable for someone. We will work with you no matter what your situation or financial abilities may be because we believe that saving lives is the most important thing we can do.

suboxone clinic cumberland md

Why Should You Contact Our Clinic?

Our suboxone clinic is not your typical rehab because we use a medication-assisted treatment that is effective and affordable. We will never understand how treatment programs can overprice themselves when there is so much need and so many lives are at stake. Please contact our suboxone clinic in Cumberland today, because, through compassionate, affordable treatment, we will find a solution and offer care that saves lives. 301-900-5455

Does Buprenorphine Treatment Work?

Buprenorphine treatment is usually used to help people recover from opiate addiction. The drug is used to help someone battle against the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms caused by opiate cessation and it also paves the path for someone to start the recovery process. Just like with any sort of drug, buprenorphine should only be used as prescribed and taken only when dispensed and supervised by a trained medical doctor.

What is Buprenorphine Used For?

Buprenorphine is also known by the name suboxone and the drug is used in medication-assisted (MAT) drug treatment for opiate addiction. During detox, a person will be provided the medication to stop withdrawal discomfort and to prevent relapse once a they have become clean. Using MAT allows a person to work through the physical aspects of addiction and in time, the psychological elements can be addressed.

How Does Buprenorphine Treatment Work?

In order for buprenorphine treatment to be successful, a person will need to visit a suboxone clinic for an assessment. A licensed suboxone doctor will ask a person questions to find out what types of drugs they’ve been abusing and to get a good idea of the extent of addiction going on. A doctor will monitor a patient throughout the treatment process to ensure a person is going through it safely and the medication is working effectively. The medication works by controlling cravings, eliminating withdrawal discomfort and allowing a person to experience the joys of being clean.

How We Can Help You Find Treatment

Our doctors are qualified to prescribe buprenorphine and they accept private medical insurance, as well as state Medicaid. Each buprenorphine treatment center is different, but the methods, structure and processes are all similar and have the same goal of helping someone become clean. If you wish to find out more information about who we are and what services we offer, please contact our program today to discuss how our detox program can change your life.